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  1. I am enjoying your statistical analysis and probability breakdowns for the draft and player position. One place where I had an immediate doubt was in your 25% chance example of four teams making a winning choice. There have been studies to show a statistical advantage going to the player with the first move, second move, etc. in any contest. You seem to be implying that this advantage does not exist. That all players have the same statistical probability of making the winning move no matter at what position they are making their move. This can’t be so.

    • This only holds for this particular situation (i.e. same exact odds for each choice). I’m not sure which studies you’re referencing, but I’d love to see them if you can send me links.

      Admittedly, the example I gave was a very simplistic game. In real life there are a lot more variables in play. Regardless, I thought it was a useful thought experiment, given that there’s very little to differentiate a number of the prospects the Eagles are reportedly looking at.

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