Pre-game Notes: Eagles vs. Giants

With today’s game, the Eagles season from hell finally ends.  Injuries have robbed us of the most interesting players to watch (Foles/Cox/Kendricks) but there are still a few reasons to remain engaged (other than doing it just because you are a real fan and love football.)

– A loss guarantees the Eagles pick no worse than 4th in the draft (a loss with a Raiders win over the Chargers gives the Eagles #3.)  A win, however, could drop the Eagles as low as 7th (according to BleedingGreenNation) if the Lions, Bills, and Browns all lose (very possible.)

– The Giants have lost 5 of their last 7 games, though maintain a slight chance to make the playoffs.  They need a win today and losses by Chicago, Minnesota, and Dallas.  It should also be noted that despite their streak of poor play, they’ve been good in their own stadium and bring a 5-2 home record into the game.

– Bryce Brown.  The Giants are allowing 130.4 yards rushing per game, so if Brown gets an honest chance, we could see some fireworks.  If McCoy dominates the carries, we’ll still get the fireworks, but they won’t be as meaningful (we know McCoy is awesome.)  If I was Jeffrey Lurie, I would have made it abundantly clear that I expected to see Brown get at least 10-15 carries…

– Brandon Graham.  Graham has had a good season, let’s see how he finishes it out.  He hasn’t erased the bust label yet, but he has shown enough potential that fans should be legitimately excited to see what he can do next year.  The Giants are a good test, giving up the least sacks per game at 1.3.  If Graham can be disruptive today, it’s a very good sign for next season.

– Michael Vick.  Vick’s play today really doesn’t matter to Eagles fans since he will almost certainly not be on the team next year, but it felt wrong not to include him.

– Jeremy Maclin.  Maclin has 293 yards receiving in his last three games.   Though the change to Vick will mean a different type of offense, hopefully Maclin can continue his strong play.   The Giant’s are ranked 28th in the league in passing yards allowed per game (257.4), so there should be some room for Maclin to work.

– Want to play the worst drinking game ever?  Drink every time you hear Jamar Chaney’s name mentioned…


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