Eagles Almanac Pre-orders!

No post today; I’m working on a few much larger things that should be pretty cool/interesting, but they obviously take a lot of time.

One is a series (with a special guest author) I’m going to run on 4th down decision-making, during which we’ll try to come up with a “default 4th down decision chart” that functions like the “Two-Point Conversion Chart” coaches use now.  Early preview: coaches are NOT making the right decisions at a high rate, and the identity of the “best” decision makers will shock you.  Look for that starting Monday.

I’m also working on some more draft research, including a new model focused on where prospects WILL go, rather than where they SHOULD go (which is the TPR system).  That’ll take a little while though.

For now, I’d like to encourage everyone who hasn’t done so already to pre-order their copy of the 2013 Eagles Almanac at this link.  Great cast of writers; great list of topics.  Easily the best Eagles preview you will read.  Just $10 for a digital copy, or $25 for a hard copy.  I’ll have contributions on the QB situation and hopefully an in-depth analytical look at projecting college production to the NFL.  Click through to see the other authors and a taste of what this year’s edition will feature.

Thanks for your support.



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