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I graduated from Penn State in 2007 and until recently did real estate acquisitions for an institutional fund manager and pension fund advisor.  In August I will begin the JD/MBA program at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

My illustrious football career ended in middle-school, after 2 weeks of training camp due to a broken arm.  Thereafter I relegated myself to analysis of the game rather than participation as I transitioned to other sports more befitting my genetic predispositions (I’m 5’8″ and Jewish, safe to say the NFL wasn’t going to be an option).

At the very least, I hope you find my posts interesting and well-reasoned, regardless of whether you agree with them.

Thanks for reading.

Patrick Causey – Contributor 

I am Pottstown born, Cape May, NJ raised, and currently living in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. For my real job, I am an attorney specializing in business law, intellectual property litigation and professional malpractice defense. When I am not working or chasing around my two toddlers, I enjoy writing about the Eagles and Sixers. I like analyzing game plans/strategy, film, and advanced metrics and will try to provide you thoughtful, well-researched articles as often as my schedule allows. I am also weird in the sense that I enjoy the offseason — especially the draft — more than the regular season. You can follow me on Twitter @InsdeTheHuddle (someone else took InsideTheHuddle), or feel free to email me at


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  1. Congrats on the Wharton JD/MBA admission. It is a great school and I am sure you will enjoy the program (to the extent law school can be enjoyable). I attended law school under the premise of doing the JD/MBA as well, but ultimately decided against it (Georgetown does not require MBA classes until Year 2). If financial restraints are not an issue, I recommend taking a Law Preview course at UPenn. It is a one week course that will take the adjustment shock out of learning via the Socratic method.

    • Thanks. Fortunately I have some exposure to law school (girlfriend is about to graduate), so that should ease the transition a bit. Definitely some preparing I need to do though.

  2. Absolutely stellar work here with your blog! You’ve definitely made it to my daily internet stops for eagles discussion and have made all my equally football obsessed friends aware of your work. Keep up the good work! The hits on your page will undoubtably take off the more people get wind of this great analysis.

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