Quick draft history note

Going through draft data since 1999 (Reid’s first draft), figured I’d throw out a quick note:

– From 1999-2011, the average number of draft picks per team was just over 104.   (Note: the Texans were not included in that count since they haven’t existed that long.)

– The Eagles made 116 selections over that timeframe.  The Patriots, famous for accumulating picks, made just two more than the Eagles with 118.

– The Titans made 122 picks, leading the league.

– The Saints and Jets made the fewest picks, with 83 and 84.

In total, the players drafted from 1999-2011 were named to the All-Pro first team 171 times. 108 of those were by players drafted in the first round, or an astounding 63%.   I’ll do a graph on this soon, but needless to say, if you want an elite player, you can’t afford to miss with 1st round picks.

For instance, just 21 All-Pro first team mentions came from the second round, or just over 12%.

Note: All data came from pro-football-reference.com.


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