More on Post-4 Win Success

Regarding yesterday’s post, two of the 10+ win teams following a 4 win season were under new coaches:

NY Jets ’06 – Eric Mangini was hired and led the team to 10 wins.  However, his tenure thereafter was mixed and I don’t think any Eagles fan wants a similar experience.

Atlanta ’08 – The team won 11 games in Mike Smith’s first year.  Also Matt Ryan’s rookie year.  This is really the gold standard for 4 win turnarounds.

Other notable new-coach turnarounds:

Miami ’08 – Biggest turnaround in NFL history, improved from 1-15 to 11-5.  Tony Sparano’s first year, as well as Bill Parcells’ first year leading the front office.

Saints ’06 – Team hired Sean Payton and Drew Brees, improving to 10 wins from just 3 the previous season.

Colts ’12 – Obviously Andrew Luck’s rookie year, team improved from 2 wins to 11.  Also Chuck Pagano’s first season as coach, though that was complicated by his cancer treatments.



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